Why Malaysia?

Get to know Malaysia

Geographical Location : South East Asia
Capital City : Kuala Lumpur
Climate : Tropical (26⁰~34⁰C)
Area : 329,758 Sq. Km
Population : 30 million
Government : Parliament Democracy
Culture : Multiculture Society (Malay-55%, Chinese-29%, Indian-8%, Others-8%)
Major Religions : Islam (National), Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and others
Currency: Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
GMT : +8 hours
Country Code : +60

Why should you make Malaysia your second home?

  • Economic and Political Stability
  • Excellent Infrastructure (world class airport, modern capital city, excellent road and highways, railway and LRT / Monorail / MRT, Leading IT hub for the region and etc)
  • Safety and Health (Low crime rate. Excellent health care facilities and hospitals)
  • Natural Beauty (Tropical jungles and islands, wealth of flora and fauna, as well as wildlife)
  • Food (a food paradise – Malay, Chinese, Indian and other food from around the world - Japanese, Western, Italian, Mexican, vegetarian……)
  • The People and Language (warm and friendly, English is widely spoken)
  • Cost of Living (offer better standard of living with reasonable cost)
  • Shopping and Entertainment (Shopping Malls and Supermarkets around the country. Modern movie theaters, bars and clubs can be found in all major cities, satellite TV is available nationwide)
  • Golf Course (almost 300 golf courses nationwide with reasonable play fees)
  • Incentive To Participant To The MM2H Programme
    • Foreign income from abroad (tax exempted)
    • Domestic Helper (Allowed to apply for one domestic helper from applicant’s original country)
    • House Purchase (Allowed to purchase unlimited number of residential properties with the price vary from each state from RM500,000 per unit)