Our Clientele

Who are our clients?

Investors around the globe are looking to venture in Malaysia, we provide efficient and trustworthy services to our clients on time for their business venture.

Tohken Malaysia

(Heat Treatment)

Daido Amistar

(Tool Steel)

TSM Malaysia

(Mould & Dies Maker)


(Auto Parts Maker)

IAC Malaysia

(Airplane Parts)

Asahi Kosei

(Die-casting Parts Maker)

Megane Samurai

(Spectacle Shop)

Bando Electronic

(Power Transformer Maker)

Mizuden Malaysia

(Heat Sink Maker)

Chiyoda Integre

(E&E Components)

Invenpro Malaysia

(Cleaning Machine Maker)


(Anti Theft Lock Maker)

Taiwan Hon Chuan

(Pet Bottle Manufacturer)

Nippon Kucho

(Comprehensive Air-con Maintenance Engineering)

Valeo Thailand

(Rep. Office)

Oncogen Pharma


Ulvac Malaysia

(Metal Surface Treatment and Engineering)

Ueda Plating

(Plating & Metal Surface Treatment)

Shinkawa Malaysia

(Vibration Monitoring Devices)

Fanuc Mechatronics

(CNC Machine & Robotics System)